Why Choose Expert Computer Solutions

 Your business never stops. A client emails you a question about your proposal, you go to your computer to reply and … your computer is down~!@#$!. What do you do? The longer you wait for your computer to get fixed the more likely you are too loose the bid, the lead and the client! Like it or not computers have become essential parts of running a successful business. Your clients don’t care why your computer is not running and neither should you. 

At Expert Computer Solutions we take a proactive approach to IT business support. It’s not just a question of what can we do to fix your computer problem; our approach is to ask what can we do to prevent a problem from occurring in the future. The value of technology is to help your business grow. Using this methodology is how we developed our approach to business support. To achieve the best performance for your investments the following steps are taken.

1 - Discovery of your business – We start by sending a knowledgeable representative to talk with you about your company. We find out exactly what is causing frustration, hassle, and technology delays. This is done by meeting with the manager or owner of your organization.

2 - Detail technology rating and evaluation of your company – During this step a technician performs a detail analysis of your current technology. We follow a strict standard to determine how your business functions and how technology is used within your organization. We determine if you are prepared for a disaster, protected against hackers, and are communicating efficiently within your organization. We also speak to the employees and find out if they have any technology related frustrations, hassles, or any requests they feel would make their job more efficient. 

3 - Custom proposal designed for your business – After the discovery and technology assessment is complete we will provide you with a detail recommendation of how to fix current issues, prevent future issues from re-occurring and the best use of technology to give your business an edge! At the end of the day our services are only valuable if they help your business grow. 

If you want to use technology to grow your business, then contact us today.