Technology Solutions for CPA


Business Support Solutions Designed Specifically for CPAs

No oneknows better than you that time is money and nothing consumes time more wastefully than inefficiency.

The systems and processes you use in your firm may appear to be operating adequately, but there’s always room for improvement.

Employees could spend more time on work-related tasks, computers could run faster, headaches could be minimized and data transfer could become more secure and efficient.

Get all of this and more with CPA Care from Expert Computer Solutions.

·      Securely store and transfer confidential information

·      Maintain better and more efficient client relations

·      Effectively manage your employees’ time and keep them focused

·      24/7 Access to Court Calendars

·      Remote Access to Critical Files

·      Ensure continuity of services and systems sustainability

·      Dramatically reduce the risk of an unrecoverable catastrophic event

The tools and processes needed to make your firm run more efficiently are now available to you through Expert Computer Solutions. CPA Care is a set of tools and services designed specifically for accountants. Using knowledge acquired from our clients in your field, we have created a package of services that is custom designed to your needs. They include applications to improve employee time management, back-ups and security to preserve and protect your valuable data, and productivity tools to make your firm more efficient.

A CPA can be brilliant with numbers and still struggle in a highly competitive industry. The ability to compete is determined by the infrastructure of the firm and tools and human resources that you have available to you. Here at Expert Computer Solutions, our specialty is improving the performance of both the human employees and the technological tools.

You won't find a “one-size-fits-all” approach here! Our custom suite of services was designed specifically for your industry. As a CPA, you know how valuable industry specific knowledge is. We have it and we provide it to you through our exclusive CPA Care program.