Small Business Technology Solutions


Because Small Business is a Big Deal

Successful business owners become that way by consistently seeking ways to gain an advantage over their competitors - that combination of products, services, pricing, and customer service that makes you a more attractive option than other companies in your industry.

What is it exactly that gives one merchant or provider the “edge” over another?

Here at Expert Computer Solutions, we posed that same question to each of our business clients and they gave us what we needed to provide you a combination of tools and services that will help you become a leader in your industry.

We call it Total Care, an innovative and complete system that includes:

· Applications to boost worker productivity
Processes to streamline data management
Security options to protect internal and external systems
Efficiency tools to ensure continuity and sustainability

Our goal is to make your daily operations more focused and effective. We streamline your systems and processes to make them more efficient, eliminate unnecessary security risks and deploy proven methods to help  employees become  more productive.

You won't find a "one size fits all" approach here. With industry-specific solutions, our clients continue to gain a competitive advantage. With Total Care, access to critical data is faster and more secure and our Expert Computer Solutions remote access solution provides greater productivity for remote employees.

When running a business there is always room for improvement. Some of the most glaring issues our clients have needed to address over the years come in the areas of human resources and technology. Humans, by their very nature, are fallible, and technology is constantly evolving and improving, for you and for those you compete against. With Total Care you can improve employee productivity and efficiency, increase production levels when needed, and streamline systems to raise your return on investment, all by using applications and tools specific to your industry.

Expert Computer Solutions provides valuable evaluation, advice, planning, and implementation of a strategy to make your business more efficient and productive. Every company needs something different to make them more successful.

Find out how Total Care, from Expert Computer Solutions can help you.