security solutions houston

Is your organization protected against hackers and data theft? Is your business data important, secured and protected? Does your company meet PCI, HIPPA, and other technology standards? Did you perform an independent security Audit within the last 90 days?

If you are unable to answer YES to these questions you may be at risk!

With most business data residing on electronic format, making sure your data is secured is a big deal. Large and small businesses are now subject to various data compliance standards! If these standards are not met, you may be fined or worse – you data can get stolen resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to you and your customers. A lost laptop, weak password, or even unprotected company phone can become a security nightmare. Don’t wait until a disaster occurs.
Expert Computer Solutions specializes in building and testing security solutions for your business. If you need help with security solutions, or you are not sure if your company is subject to PCI, HIPPA, or other security standards, give us a call, we can help.

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