Hosted Services

 Providing a hosted service to a business is a process by which a standard application is configured, maintained and updated at a secured data center. Required access to the application is delivered to the client. Essentially, a hosted service is software that is provided as a service to a client.

Example: traditionally if business needed Exchange (email) server they would need to invest in hardware, software and time required to implement an email solution within their business. The solution would work for 3-5 years and then the system would be obsolete. If you wanted to upgrade, the process would start again.

In comparison a hosted email solutions requires no upfront investment and can be provisioned on demand.  With hosted services a business can eliminate installation cost, hardware cost and only pay for services they need. 

Expert Computer Solution uses the latest technology and top tier data centers to provide reliable services to meet business needs. The following services are available.

  • Hosted Exchange (Email powered by Microsoft)
  • Hosted Google Apps (Email powered by Google)
  • Hosted Website with 24/7 Monitoring
  • Hosted Dedicated Server(s)

For details and pricing on hosted services available please contact us.