ECS Business Referral Program

Expert Computer Solutions
Business Referral Program

Would you like to make extra income at your current job worry free, and hassle free? NOW YOU CAN!


Earn extra $CASH$ for doing your job!


About Expert Computer Solutions:


Expert Computer Solutions (ECS) provides essential and affordable technology solutions for businesses and consumers nationwide. In today’s turbulent economy every dollar counts and Expert Computer Solutions is here to help! We work with you to determine your technology needs. When your needs are clear, ECS will Develop, Implement and Support a technology solution perfect for you!


Commission you can expect:


For any lead that you refer to ECS that ends up signing a contract, you will receive a referral fee in the amount equal to 1/2 month of the signed contract.
Example: if a company signed a contract for 1 year for $600/month, you would receive $300. If a company signed a contract for $3000/month, you would receive $1500.


What you need to do:


When you provide service for a small business, or talk to anyone involved in a business, ask who supports their computers. When they reply, mention that you know great computer company that is reliable, affordable and can help solve their computer problems. Leave an ECS Introduction letter and a business card. Lastly, ask them to mention your name when they call. That’s It!


What we will do:

For every new client that calls ECS we always ask how they heard of our company. When they mention your name, we will automatically link you to the referral contact for the account. Our inside sales person will contact the business, and will work to close the sale. When contract is signed we will call you, and notify you of the exact amount of your commission.


Get started today:

To start please fill out the "Become A Partner" form.  You will need to provide your contact details required for commission. We will then supply you with business cards, and the Marketing letter you can leave at client’s locations. Now you are ready to make extra income HASSLE FREE, and WORRY FREE! Good Luck and we look forward to working with you.