Carbonite Online Backup

Are You at Risk of Losing Irreplaceable Files?
If you're like most people, your life is on your computer. Your hard drive holds photos, music, emails, financial records and other important documents – files that you just can't afford to lose. But if you're among the one-third of Americans who never back up their files, you're putting yourself at serious risk. Something as simple as human error causes 43% of computer users to delete irreplaceable files every year.
Onsite Backup is Not Enough
Even those that are diligent about backing up their files probably aren't doing enough. Unless you keep an up-to-date backup offsite, you are at risk of losing everything. Fires, floods, power surges, break-ins and similar disasters can all mean losing your vital data, most likely forever.

Choose Carbonite

Never Worry About Your Backup Again

Carbonite Online Backup can save you from the costly nightmare of recovering lost files. For only $54.95/ year, you'll be able to recover lost files quickly and easily from any computer. And because Carbonite offers you unlimited storage for a flat rate, you can back up as much as you'd like without having to worry about going over a storage limit. For security, your files will be double- encrypted so only you can see them. At Carbonite, we make worrying about your precious files, a thing of the past. Carbonite online backup now includes remote file access! Retrieve files you have backed up with Carbonite from any computer with an internet connection.

Easy to Use — Installs quickly and easily, with no new user interface to learn
Quiet — Works in the background to update your backup without slowing down your computer
Secure — Uses the same encryption as banks so only you have access to your data - guaranteed
Hassle-Free — When time comes to restore files, recovery from any computer is fast and simple
Now with remote file access — Retrieve your backed up files from any computer with an internet connection.
When you consider what you've got to lose, there's no reason not to try Carbonite Online Backup.