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Leverage our best of breed solu­tions hosted in world class data cen­ters. Protect your business from catastrophic events and improve your operational efficiencies. Our value added services allow us to build the perfect solution for your business keeping your budgetary guidelines and business objectives in mind.

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System backups, onsite offsite and online

backup vaultThe most important part of your business is information and your data. In today’s business world your data is stored on your computer / servers. Email, documents, spreadsheet’s and financials are all stored on your computers. This makes computers become bigger part of life than ever before. We shop, work and play using computers.

24 / 7 Emergency Support

24/7 Emergency support is designed for business critical technology issues that need a resolution as soon as possible! Unexpected downtime can stop, cripple or even put a company out of business. Expert computer Solutions (ECS) knows the importance to get up and running fast. This in mind we designed a straightforward approach to emergency support. ECS technicians are on standby 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Cloud Computing

cloud computingCloud computing allows your business to move part (or all) of companies technology infrastructure into the cloud. There is a lot of confusion on the internet regarding “the cloud” and what that means. Essentially the cloud is a different name for a data center from which you can lease hardware resources.

Hosted Services

 Providing a hosted service to a business is a process by which a standard application is configured, maintained and updated at a secured data center. Required access to the application is delivered to the client. Essentially, a hosted service is software that is provided as a service to a client.