Alex, one of the founders of Expert Computer Solutions, began working with computers when they were the size of a room and using one meant using punch cards at your local university. From that point forward, Alex’s interest in technology grew into a labor of love that earned him many certifications (MCP, MCSE+S, A+, HP, etc) and jobs with some of the top companies in the industry (Compaq, Chase, Alcon, ATT).

His brother Peter followed in his footsteps from a very young age when he worked on his first PC, an Intel 286. While other kids his age were playing football, Peter was learning how to assemble his PC, add memory, reinstall windows and connect to the Internet. This was nothing like child’s play since, at that time, going to the internet meant going on IRC (chat), BBS (1999 version of a blog), and navigating the web without the use of “Google.” In fact, Peter’s interest in computer games essentially earned him his fundamental knowledge of computer programming because a good computer game required a specific video card, a specific driver, and a specific setting for the game to work. Once Peter had mastered this, he was well-prepared to pursue his education in technology and a career in computers. Needless to say, Peter’s experience working in customer service, help desk, and system administration roles earned him several industry certifications and a well rounded knowledge of consumer and business needs in this arena.

Both Alex and Peter saw a void in the market for a company that could provide dependable, ROI driven technology solutions. Their natural understanding of computers and client needs led them to realize a joint dream in 2005 of owning a business, and thus Expert Computer Solutions was created. Alex and Peter used their skills in the industry to develop real world solutions to efficiently solve problems and provide dependable service for their clients.

Today Expert Computer Solutions is rapidly becoming the top technology provider in its class. With clients in Texas, California, Florida, New Mexico, Colorado and New York, Expert Computer Solutions has shown the value that dependable ROI driven services can facilitate. Utilizing the latest technology and proactive approach to IT, Expert Computer Solutions has the ability to provide support to their clients anywhere in the world.

The technology methodology developed by Expert Computer Solutions has been recognized as exceptional by both companies and competitors alike. For that reason, Expert Computer Solutions actively participates in many organizations that are shaping the technology standards and policies that will improve computer support and service for all businesses and consumers in the coming future.
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